Welcome to SEOJobs V2 – SEO Job WANTED!

Hello, my fellow SEOs!

I want to kick off this announcement with a big THANK YOU.  Seriously, the SEO industry is the best.  Without your help, SEOJobs wouldn’t be what it is today.

Today I am incredibly excited to announce V2 of SEOJobs.com which highlights the release of the new SEOs For Hire section of the website.

As of this morning, SEO professionals can now submit a JOB WANTED listing. After completing the form and paying a very nominal fee (mostly to prevent spam) each individual will have a dedicated page.

An example of my JOB WANTED page.

Why a SEOs For Hire Section?

I am often contacted asking for recommendations for individuals who would be a good fit for a specific open position.  Previously, id make introductions to people I know in my immediate network or recommend posting a JOB OPENING listing here on SEOJobs.com.

This new SEOs for Hire section provides a resource to share with HR teams and individuals looking to hire directly without going through the process of receiving a large number of applications through the traditional job search experience.


Who Should Submit a JOB WANTED Listing?

This section supports those looking for a new full-time role but also those looking for part-time and or freelance/contract work.

I also realize that not all SEOs have a dedicated website. Any SEO that is interested in getting their name out into the larger SEO industry can now have a dedicated landing page that they can share – whether it be with HR teams, freelance work or simply with other SEOs within the industry.


Benefits of Submitting a JOB WANTED Listing

There are three options for a JOB WANTED listing.  Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Everyone who submits a listing gets (at minimum) a profile that is live for 90 days.  Gold listings get a 120 day listing. Platinum listings get a 180-day listing as well as the following benefits.

  • Featured Applicants are listed at the top of the SEO For Hire page.
  • Homepage featured applicant rotation (3 applicants that rotate upon refreshing the page)
  • One featured listing within the SEOJobs.com newsletter.

Shout outs

First and foremost, thank you to everyone within the SEO community who has used the website, purchased a job listing, and/or shared the site with others. This website gets 50%+ of all its traffic from direct (type in) traffic.  This is because you all.

Extra shout out to Jill Anderson of Jillynndesign.com who takes my ideas and makes them a reality.  Also, Brie Anderson of Beast Analytics who wrangles all the data and pulls it through GA4.


Want to send me a message directly? Feel free to use the contact page.  Want to participate in public conversation you can see my LinkedIn announcement here (I’d appreciate any shares too!)

More good things to come, SEO friend!

– Nick LeRoy
Owner, operator of SEOjobs.com