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May 10, 2023

Big Footprint’s Director of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an expert digital marketer with a specific focus on driving overall SEO performance for a wide variety of businesses. You’ll be responsible for architecting and executing digital content and SEO strategies (and communicating the value we drive to Clients). You’ll be measured by your ability to produce high quality, optimized content for clients.

You’re a proven SEO leader who can analyze technical, on-page, and offsite SEO scenarios in order to architect a project plan to improve organic rankings and traffic quality. You are also a practitioner, able and willing to personally execute SEO tactics while also directing other team members’ contributions. Lastly, you are an excellent communicator, capable of leading weekly SEO calls and highlighting performance changes, correlations, and illustrating project progress.

You will be proactive, drive our recommendations forward, and be intuitive and dynamic in a sense that you can work with different personalities and a broad range of customers who are in different phases of the customer lifecycle.


  • Analyzing existing client websites, content, and linking for opportunities to improve and optimize for search engines and end-users
  • Conduct and leverage keyword analyses to drive content recommendations and on-site optimizations
  • Manage page level optimizations across client websites, ensuring a systematic and data-driven approach to improvements
  • Conduct full technical SEO audits and outline recommendations
  • Work with our in-house dev team, or the client’s, in order to execute technical SEO recommendations
  • Lead weekly meetings focused around SEO performance, trends, and project progress
  • Establish a trusting relationship with clients, allowing your recommendations to be heard and taken to heart
  • Interface and collaborate with other teams (both Big Footprint and the Client) to complete project goals
  • Communicate our value and manage aspects of client engagements
  • Develop ongoing reporting focused on optimizations and content improvement

The Ideal Candidate

  • You are an excellent writer, you have a deep knowledge of grammar and can adapt your writing style to various situations.
  • You believe grammar and editing is not subjective – there is a correct way to write, and you know how to.
  • You have the ability to research and write from scratch, or edit others work.
  • You are deep SEO-practitioner who keeps up with all the latest industry changes and Google news
  • You love technical SEO and can quickly identify issues, and debug deeper issues on websites
  • You can synthesize complex situations and problems in order to find solutions.
  • Anything done “half-assed” offends you.
  • You can manage client expectations and relationships, while still contributing to, and demanding more of the team around you.
  • You’re comfortable working with and are very proficient with spreadsheets, word processors, and content management systems like WordPress.
  • You know how to properly research a topic you are unfamiliar with, until you achieve deep knowledge.
  • Perhaps most importantly, you understand how to communicate and illustrate value to clients.


  • 5+ years of SEO experience
  • Experience working on the agency side
  • Experience with, and the ability to illustrate your research skills (digging into and understanding hard problems)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills – able to simplify complex strategies and topics in a friendly, approachable manner and present complex topics to Clients in person
  • Flexible and able to juggle and complete multiple priorities and projects (internally and externally)
  • Expert knowledge of Google Analytics and keyword research tools
  • Expert knowledge of Excel/Google Sheets and other data tools
  • Organized and able to develop a system to optimize content over time.
  • Team player and self-driven to get things done
  • Live in the Denver/Front Range area


Big Footprint’s entire existence is based on our ability to drive value directly for our customers. Everything we do must drive this value or it detracts from our success and our client’s success. As a result, Big Footprint ties employee compensation to an employee’s ability to drive success.

When combining salary, performance bonuses, wellness incentives (i.e. ski pass), health reimbursement arrangements, and other perks and contributions, the total compensation package at Big Footprint is meant to be bring the best people here.

We thrive as one business, one unit, and each member of the team must contribute value.

  • The starting salary for this position will be determined based on the candidate’s breadth of knowledge, experience, ability to fill the role, and drive ROI.
  • Compensation will include the opportunity to take part in a Health Reimbursement Arrangement, which can be used to cover health insurance premiums. Other benefits may also be available.
  • Employees receive the opportunity to earn commission on projects they refer to the company and may be eligible for profit sharing or partner status based on contribution throughout their career.
  • Employees receive 15 days of paid vacation per year in addition to many standard US Holidays.
  • Employees also receive an allowance toward purchasing an annual ski and snowboard pass.
  • Employees are eligible for performance bonuses based on client results, these goals are identified on a case by case basis.

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