Umair Malik

Digital marketing leader

Work Location
Hybrid (Remote or New York NY US)
Desired Salary
$90-130K, $55/hr+
3-5 yrs
Job Type
Full Time or Contractor
Date Posted
February 28, 2024
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Digital marketing leader with over 5 years of experience driving growth for leading brands across finance, healthcare, real estate, retail, and technology. Recognized for optimizing processes and leading cross-functional teams to increase traffic, engagement, and revenue. Passionate about leveraging data and emerging technologies to develop customer-focused digital strategies.


Career History

  • Grew organic traffic for national non-profit website from 500 to 17,000 visitors per month within 12 months
  • Led hackathon team to build AI-powered content insights tool, winning $1,000 prize
  • Optimized $100K keyword analysis process to efficiently handle 30K terms in 2 weeks
  • Managed $2.4M client book and achieved 99% health score at Conductor


What Are You Looking For in Your Next Role?

Seeking a senior digital marketing role with opportunities to lead initiatives, mentor teams, and drive business impact through innovative data-driven strategies. Prioritizing inclusive, collaborative cultures focused on customer experience and employee development.


Anything Else?

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Harvard University
  • Subject matter expert in SEO, social media, email, analytics and emerging engagement channels
  • Website designer and developer with HTML, CSS, JS and Python skills
  • Passionate about marketing technology and automation to scale impact
  • Volunteer experience optimizing digital presence of national non-profit

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