Kavi Kardos

SEO & Digital Strategy Leader

Work Location
Remote US
Desired Salary
$135,000+ USD
10+ yrs
Job Type
Full Time
Date Posted
April 9, 2024
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I am an altruistic SEO evangelist with ten years’ experience leading organic search strategy for top companies in entertainment, cybersecurity, education, and beyond. A former Mozzer, I’m the creator of Moz Academy’s Technical SEO Certification and have lent my expertise to Whiteboard Friday, brightonSEO, and Pubcon, among others.

When I’m not obsessing over spreadsheets, you can find me hosting pub quizzes, playing poker, or watching baseball with a good beer in hand.


Career History

With two degrees in publishing, my original plan was to become a book editor behind an impressive oak desk in a Boston high-rise. My career took me into content marketing and eventually SEO instead, but I’ve never lost my love of words or my irrepressible knack for editing.

I got my start in digital marketing on the agency side, and have since held agency and in-house roles focused primarily on SEO and web strategy. I have experience as a department of one, but I also enjoy team collaboration and especially mentoring those who are newer to the industry. My most recent roles have involved high-level strategy development and execution for websites with just a few thousand up to several million monthly users. I’ve also worked with several agency clients as a management and marketing consultant.


What Are You Looking For in Your Next Role?

I’m open to director-level positions leading in-house web/digital/SEO strategy or in agency leadership, especially leading agency marketing and/or SEO practices. While the bulk of my experience sits solidly in organic strategy, I’m also interested in broader marketing roles that would allow me to flex different muscles. I’m in marketing because I’m fascinated by human psychology, so I’m happy to talk about any role that lets me explore my curiosities.


Anything Else?

I’ve been working from home since before it was cool (2018!), so I’m comfortable with remote roles and in-office or hybrid roles near Austin, TX.

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