Jeremy Rivera

SEO Specialist

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Remote US
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10+ yrs
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Full Time or Contractor
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February 28, 2024
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I’ve got the technical SEO skills, SEO SaaS product management experience and SEO consulting chops that your agency, or company can use to send your SEO campaigns into overdrive.


Career History

I’ve created hundreds of SEO audits for dozens of industries, consulted for dozens of enterprise level companies like Captain Ds, Logan’s Roadhouse, Smile Direct Club, and more.

I started my career as a customer support representative for a real estate hosting company, Advanced Access, where I learned SEO, took on the marketing department and delivered SEO services in 2010 to 1,000 clients with my team. After their acquisition by, I transitioned to product management, guiding their developers to create SEO campaign interface tools for

Raven Tools was a giant in the SEO software industry, equal to Moz at the time, and was honored to move to Nashville to join their team as their in-house SEO consultant, and SEO product management consultant. Unfortunately, “Googlegeddon” happened to SEO tools, and they lost half their clients in a short period, moving me into the agency world of SEO.

I worked at several SEO agencies to provide SEO consulting from outdoor products and hunting, to enterprise level projects. I delivered value in SEO audits, directing SEO campaigns, content marketing campaigns and outreach/link building efforts.

I launched my own SEO freelance career, and provided services directly to hundreds of various clients for the next few years like Dave Ramsey, Dr. Axe, Nerd Wallet.

After a few years of freelancing, I returned to Raven Tools, which had been acquired by Tapclicks.  I enjoyed a hybrid role of Director of SEO and SEO Product Manager. I created webinars, onboarding content, blog posts and articles about SEO by the dozen. I also helped navigate the re-creation of the SEO tool capabilities of Raven Tools into the Tapclicks on Angular and then rebuild EVERYTHING as they migrated the platform to Vue JS.

Most recently I worked for Hive Digital as an Sr. SEO manager, then at Copypress as “Director of Special Projects/Content Analysis” where I built SEO keyword clustering software, did webinar interviews, wrote SEO content and did deep dive consults for our agencies content marketing at scale clients.

I also have bootstrapped my own SEO keyword research tool, spoken at conferences, recorded webinars and done interviews with dozens of other SEO experts.


What Are You Looking For in Your Next Role?

I’d love to find a position where my love of SEO, 17 years of experience and capabilities to direct the creation of SEO tools can all be leveraged as much as possible.

I love doing interviews, writing SEO content, doing interviews or building onboarding content or training in the SEO niche. I’m adaptable, versatile and have a deep consulting history across dozens of industries. I can audit sites, deliver keyword research, forecast SEO outcomes, craft outreach campaigns and design content marketing campaigns. I can also help guide and develop SEO software and tools for in-hosue use that can maximize productivity and outcomes for your SEO efforts.


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