Gabrio Linari

Head of SEO - Director of SEO

Work Location
Remote Worldwide
Desired Salary
70-100K USD (FT) d $140-70/hr (Contract)
10+ yrs
Job Type
Full Time or Contractor
Date Posted
March 17, 2024
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I’m a Global SEO consultant and Senior Director with over a decade of experience across international markets. I would describe myself as friendly, creative adventurous, and curious. I have a divergent thinking approach making me naturally competitive yet collaborative in a team setting.

These traits allow me to excel in roles that require cross-functional alignment, whether it’s working with engineers, content strategists, or CEOs.

My approach to work is rooted in a growth mindset. I’m very organized and thorough in my project management abilities, allowing me to lead teams effectively. While I specialize in content and SEO strategy, I possess the technical acumen and analytical skills necessary for comprehensive strategy development, engaging well with various stakeholders.

Overall, my skill set is highly aligned with roles that require a mix of strategic oversight, team leadership, and cross-departmental collaboration.


Career History

  • Director, SEO at Codeless Interactive (USA)
  • Senior SEO Consultant at NAV43 (Canada)
  • Head of SEO at Housing Anywhere (Netherlands)
  • SEO Strategy Lead at iProspect (Netherlands)
  • Head of SEO at Reflect Digital (London)
  • SEO Manager at iProspect (London)
  • SEO Account Director at The Search Agency (London/USA)
  • SEO Consultant at Flower Beach Resort (Philippines)
  • SEO Manager at Highlight Media Group (Malta)
  • Senior Natural Search Analyst at iCrossing (London)
  • SEO & ORM Manager at Digital Is Reputation (London)


What Are You Looking For in Your Next Role?

I am currently seeking new opportunities in growth marketing and SEO, open to both full-time positions and other arrangements that align with my expertise. With over a decade of international experience, my core strength lies in team management, where I excel in steering diverse groups towards common goals. My approach blends creativity with a growth mindset, focusing on driving tangible business results. Whether it’s leading a team, crafting innovative content strategies, or navigating the complexities of SEO, I am committed to advancing an organization’s objectives with my unique blend of skills and leadership abilities.


Anything Else?

Areas Of Expertise

– Global SEO expertise in SaaS, technical and content aspects, including strategy, product-led SEO and algorithm analysis.
– Advisory services for C-level executives, startups, development teams, and HR departments.
– Bespoke SEO training across all professional levels.
– Development of processes and specialized in-house SEO training.
– Strategic support for high-net worth clients in the US and UK.
– Expertise in high-value niches like finance and trading.

Past Clients

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