Elmer Cruz

SEO Strategist for Law Firms

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Remote US
Desired Salary
50USD per hour
3-5 yrs
Job Type
Full Time or Contractor
Date Posted
April 10, 2024
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Career History

Hi! My name is Elmer Cruz, founder of Law Firm Growth

My journey began in 2019 when I started partnering as a consultant for a digital marketing agency based in the UK, who happens to have a newly set-up motoring lawyer as a client.

I ran a successful campaign to get them on top of the Google search results within less than six months. Leads started to come in consistently, and that’s when I had the confidence to take on more clients from different types of businesses.

In 2024, I decided to focus on serving law firms directly instead of digital marketing agencies—to streamline my process, reduce campaign costs, and get better every day.

To this day, I actively manage annual campaigns for the same motoring law firm in the United Kingdom and a family law firm in Victoria, Australia.

If you want to grow your law firm consistently, Let’s chat!


What Are You Looking For in Your Next Role?

I’m looking for an opportunity to leverage my specialized expertise in SEO for law firms, a niche where I’ve developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges legal professionals face in the digital space. I’m passionate about helping law firms enhance their online visibility and client acquisition through data-driven SEO strategies and innovative marketing solutions.


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