Devender Garg

Local SEO Strategist and Link Building

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Remote Worldwide
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$2.5k/month OR $20/hr
10+ yrs
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Full or Part Time
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March 9, 2024
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Greetings! I am Devender Garg, a Holistic SEO with a deep-rooted expertise in SEO. I love building affiliate and Local SEO websites, working on passion projects as well as building links to my projects. 

In my 10 years of diverse experience I’ve had the privilege to work with awesome people in very competitive fields like Garret Acott, Robert Portillo, Mike Merlino, Andrew Sterling Ansley, Rory Witt, Elias Leivadaras, Intelligent INC and many more

My skills include a vast array of Website Audits, Keyword research, Multimedia content writing, On-page, Link building, and SEO project management. As well the new AI driven skills I am developing to stay ahead of the Google updates.

I studied computer science at University College of Engineering, Kota. This background gives me the skills to be creative and make a big impact on the projects I work on.

I have worked on a variety of projects. Listing everything is impossible so I am going to list a few of them. 

  • Ai Content the right way: I see people publishing thousands of AI articles overnight but I use AI in content as a part of the process. I do use AI but with Researched and Human Touched content. I throw in a custom flowchart, Infographics or diagram to make content pop.
  • I have been learning Semantic SEO recently. I believe this is the core of every search engine and must be Google update proof.
  • Also doing extensive research on Schema markup and CTR manipulation learnt from Clint Butler and Mike Merlino.
  • Extensive experience using wordpress. 
  • Used shared and cloud hosting and even know how to setup my own WHM and cpanel based hosting. 
  • Experimenting with Information Gain score, Brand Search Volume, last click etc to understand Google’s algorithm
  • Experimenting with Google SGE. 

Tools I use: I love testing SEO tools and working with almost all the major ones in the industry to figure out which are the best for We SEOs. Here I listed a few of my favorites which I use all the time.

  • OnPage and Site Audit: Sitebulb, Screaming Frog SEO spider, Link Assistant’s Site auditor, and RankTracker.
  • Content Writing: SurferSEO, ContentSprout, Frase and I have used many similar ones. 
  • LinkBuilding: SEO SpyGlass, SEOAutopilot and NEO, MailShake, NinjaOutreach and few other  private mathods. 
  • Various: ScrapeBox, Semrush, ahrefs, Google Search console and Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools and Microsoft Clarity. 
  • Project Management and productivity tools.
  • AI Tools: OpenAI ChatGPT, Claude, Perplexity, ContentSprout and a few others + custom I use. 

I didn’t stop at just SEO. I have an entrepreneurial side too. I started to offer SEO advice to startups and small businesses. I help them understand the tricky world of digital marketing and web development.


Are you looking for someone Self-sufficient whom you can hand over your work, get yourself on your way, and have it done by the end of week without much oversight?

I am your goto guy. I respect the deadlines and take instructions very seriously.


Career History

With 10 years of SEO experience, there aren’t many things that I haven’t tried.

I was making tons of money with my Adsense and affiliate sites just before Medic update and it killed everything overnight. I’ve adapted to algorithm updates, learned how to build EEAT, expanded myself into nonMedic niches, and moved on. 

After the Medic update, I started working on Upwork to pay my bills and have done more then $100k work there even though I stopped prospecting new clients there.

Even before that, I worked successfully on Fiverr as well. I stopped it because it does not resonate with the skill set. 

I am still working with The Stealth Code, The SEO tool company behind the successful tools like SEOAutopilot, SEOneo, CoLinkri, OmegaIndexer.

Also Providing services on


What Are You Looking For in Your Next Role?

I am currently looking to involve 1-2 agencies from where I can get consistent work. Whether hourly contract based or full time both works to me. 

I am looking for roles that allow me to innovate and adapt the latest AI and Google trends. I like to do open communication, share knowledge to stay ahead in the SEO game.

When we need to talk during a project, I will show up even at odd hours but for working, I will work in my own hours.

Nothing much to ask, I am looking to work with my clients long term and keep them happy.


Anything Else?

No matter if we work together or not, I like to meet like-minded people and share knowledge.

If you have a passion for SEO and enjoy learning/sharing new stuff, I would love to talk to you. 

Extra note: If you are a local business owner and dont have the budget to hire a dedicated SEO agency, I would love to Audit your website and have a meeting to share my findings. Please send a message first to check availability.

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