Craig Aubry

SEO & Online Visibility Specialist

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Remote US
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$45 hr
10+ yrs
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Full Time or Contractor
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March 6, 2024
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Hi there my name is Craig, a seasoned marketer, SEO specialist, and web developer with a passion for crafting compelling online experiences. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for understanding the digital landscape, I’ve honed my skills in site architecture, content creation, and organic search optimization across various digital platforms.

Equipped with a wide range of technical skill sets including HTML, CSS, CMS platforms like WordPress and Magento, as well as proficiency in Google Analytics, Search Console, Bing Analytics, Ahrefs, and SemRush, I feel I am well-versed in the tools and strategies needed to elevate online visibility and drive growth.

My current role as a Global SEO Specialist at Bose Corporation, I’ve helped mitigate migration risks and enhanced domain performance to align with the businesses objectives. Experimentation and Testing is important to me so developing sites I can leverage for learning like the launch of, where I am able to put some of these hypothesis to real-world tests.

Not stopping there, I also have an entrepreneurial spirit which has led me to establish, where I offers consulting services to startups and small businesses, helping them navigate the complex world of digital marketing and development.

With a solid foundation in computer science and design from Oakland Community College, My hands-on expertise allows me to provide a creative mindset to deliver impactful results for the projects I work on.

If you’re seeking a web developer and SEO who can turn your digital vision into reality, I’d love to connect!


Career History

I feel I have a proven track record of leveraging expertise in marketing, web development, and SEO to drive significant online visibility and growth for businesses. From start-ups to large scale enterprise tech stacks has allowed me to be very detailed yet able to see the broader picture. As a Global SEO Specialist at Bose Corporation, I’ve helped optimize domain performance to mitigate inherent risks with migration and meet objectives. I’ve helped spearhead SEO strategies for brands like at Global, achieving impressive traffic increases. Also providing consulting services through, aiding startups and small businesses in enhancing online visibility and driving growth. Throughout my career,  strategic insights, hands-on approach and technical proficiency have consistently delivered tangible results in boosting online presence and brand recognition.


What Are You Looking For in Your Next Role?

I am currently seeking a dynamic role, whether contract-based or full-time in-house, that allows me to make a tangible impact on driving visibility and online growth across various digital platforms. Looking for opportunities that offer flexibility and a collaborative environment where my expertise in SEO, marketing, and web development can be fully utilized to achieve measurable results. Eager to contribute insights and technical proficiency to enhance brand recognition and drive sustainable growth in any digital space. I am looking for roles that will allow me to innovate and adapt to evolving trends, maximizing online visibility and optimize performance.


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