Cory Collins

SEO & Content Manager

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Remote US
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$120,000 USD.
10+ yrs
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Full Time
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March 12, 2024
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Hello! I’m Cory Collins and I’ve spent the last 11.5 years helping grow Page One Power from beginning to mature agency, with nearly 100 employees and $8mm in annual revenue at its peak.

At any given time we worked with ~75 clients across 150+ campaigns. A typical campaign included:

  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword research
  • On-page optimization
  • Content creation
  • Link building.

Our typical campaign goal was to rank clients higher for their primary product keywords. Organic traffic was of course a KPI as well.

I was the fifth-hired employee and during my tenure I was involved in nearly every aspect of the agency. I spent 7 of my 11 years working on the senior leadership team. I directly managed content marketing, strategy, project management, and sales teams.

I was deeply involved in every aspect of the work we performed for clients, from beginning to end: strategizing the work, selling the campaign, overseeing execution, analyzing results, managing client relationships, and renewing contracts.

We worked with every client imaginable, from Mom & Pop, to startup, to Fortune 500. All campaigns were customized based on client needs, competition, and goals. All work was manual and strategic. I have deep experience in SEO and content marketing.


Career History

I spent 11.5 years at one agency SEO, Page One Power. I believe this demonstrates my loyalty and also my ability to continually grow and solve problems.

In reverse order, my titles at the agency were:

  • Business Development Manager: I was responsible for strengthening and advancing Page One Power’s revenue and market position, accountable to the owners, CEO, and COO. This meant working across marketing, sales, project management, and operations to continually improve Page One Power’s brand presence and the services we offered clients.
  • Client Services and Sales Manager: I managed our project management and sales departments, responsible for all revenue. Oversaw the strategy and execution of client campaigns.
  • Strategy Department Manager: I created a strategy department from the ground up. I was responsible for the strategic process across the agency, analyzing client results, and ongoing innovation.
  • Content Marketing Manager: I managed a team of writers, designers, and other content creators to produce high-quality work on schedule. Responsible for all content strategy, website copy, landing pages, webinars, case studies, email marketing, and other sales materials.
  • Team Lead: I oversaw a team of SEOs while managing clients. Responsible for all campaign execution and client communication.
  • Writing Lead: I managed a team of writers responsible for client content across campaigns.
  • Content Link Builder: I created content designed to secure links for clients to drive rankings, traffic, and revenue.

The synopsis of my 11.5 years was that I grew as the business grew, consistently taking on my responsibility and helping us improve and innovate. I worked on the business often, as well as at the client level.

I’m deeply interested in SEO and content strategy as a means to grow revenue, not just traffic.


What Are You Looking For in Your Next Role?

My goal is to move to an in-house role where I can take ownership over the initiative to turn SEO and content strategy into a consistent and strong revenue channel.

I’d love to work with a young and growing company. I have deep experience in many aspects of growing a business: P&L, market research, pricing strategies, revenue projection, CRM management, sales team management, event marketing, brand messaging and positioning, creating sales materials — to name a few. This is in addition to my deep experience in all things SEO and content marketing.

I’d be happy as well at a mature organization that has already achieved success in turning SEO into a revenue channel and is looking for a lead or manager who can help them continue to succeed. I’m a strong individual contributor with deep leadership and management experience.

My desire to drive an impact and leave the world a better place is the cornerstone of my personal and professional life. I bring a sense of ownership and continual improvement to every aspect of the work I do, and I thrive on collaboration.


Anything Else?

I’m a father to two young children, husband to a veterinarian, fanatic reader, runner, general fitness enthusiast, and video gamer. I’m a passionate person with many hobbies and interests and I bring a general sense of enthusiasm, joy, and excitement to work every day.

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