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March 5, 2024
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SEO Specialist | Tired Of Struggling To Be Seen Online?

You’ve built something amazing. Your business is a testament to your passion and dedication. 

But there’s a problem: no one can find you online.

That’s where I come in.

Are you looking for an experienced and results-oriented SEO Specialist to elevate your online presence and drive traffic and conversions?

Think of me as your SEO guide, moving you through the ever-changing landscape of search algorithms and online competition.

I have over 5 years of diverse experience in agencies and in-house work. Throughout my career I have a proven track record of helping countless businesses, from startups to established enterprise accounts like Foster Grant, Banks Power, and Billie Eilish. I was instrumental in transforming their online presence and boosting revenue and organic growth.

In addition to my SEO expertise, I have a strong foundation in web development with a degree in digital design. This degree allows me to use my skills if a website needs a facelift, conversion rate optimization plan, or adding SEO changes into the backend of any CMS.

Along with that degree, I completed a 6-month coding bootcamp. This allows me to comfortably work on the backend of various CMS platforms and make SEO changes with ease.

In addition, I’m experienced working and using all kinds of AI tools and platforms. It’s a powerful ally, empowering me to free up more time to focus on additional projects.

Here’s what I some of what I can offer you:

Expert guidance and tailored strategies. I take the time to understand unique business goals and create a customized SEO plan.

I’m here to guide every step of the way, answer questions, and celebrate victories.

Don’t wait any longer to rewrite your online story. Contact me today, and let’s start a journey to transform your invisibility into a thriving online success story!

Please contact Chris Frisz today at 407-719-1040 or


Career History

Passion for Organic Growth: My SEO Career History

I’m a seasoned SEO Specialist with over 5 years of experience driving significant results for diverse clients across various industries. Throughout my career, I’ve consistently exceeded expectations, helping businesses of all sizes boost their online presence and achieve organic growth, conversions and revenue.

Hypnos Digital Marketing – Agency

Conducted SEO analysis and executed proven on-page, off-page, technical, content, and local SEO techniques, resulting in an improvement in organic search rankings and an increase in website traffic for client portfolios.

Gr0 – Agency

Boosted client’s websites using on-page optimization plans and clustered content calendars, leading to an increase in conversions and rise in organic traffic. Implemented keyword analysis, header optimization, title tag optimization, image alt text insertion, and meta description crafting.

Spearheaded the development of a technical-focused 120-article content calendar for clients, resulting in an increase in organic traffic and improvement in average sessions.

Webfor – Agency

Orchestrated a 77% year-over-year surge in page views and 409% boost in average page view time, enhancing online presence and user engagement for a luxury garage door company.

Spearheaded 213% increase in page views and a 35% reduction in bounce rates within 9 months, driving substantial traffic and improving user engagement metrics for a concrete company.

Managed 20-25 accounts, identifying, and capitalizing on optimal targeting opportunities to deliver exceptional results for clients.

Marketplace Homes – In House

Achieved substantial organic traffic growth, elevating monthly visitors from under 4K to over 11K within a 7-month timeframe.

Led a comprehensive overhaul, resulting in 20% increase in organic traffic within the first two weeks of tenure, including a $5K revenue boost attributed to organic search.

Introduced Clearscope AI writing tools, optimizing content creation processes, and accelerating traffic growth, resulting in a significant improvement in website performance metrics.

Developed a clustered content calendar, strategically driving targeted traffic to key verticals – aligning content efforts with business objectives. 

Gained massive backlink from Adobe with DA of 100.

Designed landing page, boosting visibility and recognition by Google, elevating the writer’s profile as an expert in the field.

Implemented schema, enabling special features in the SERP and improving overall visibility and click-through rates.

Full Moon Digital Marketing – Agency

Top 3 Accounts Stats Below:

  • Increased user base by 1321%, from 39 to 555 users, within two months, with ongoing growth trajectory.
  • Increased revenue by 84% YOY, from 1.85M to 2.91M.
  • Optimized over 150 collections and product pages using on-page techniques.
  • Conducted a technical audit and resolved technical issues, leading to a 278% increase in conversions, from 2K to 33K YOY.
  • Developed a 7-page CRO document targeting weak spots in site architecture.
  • Increased clicks by 90%, from 1.72K to 3.28K, since assuming the role.
  • Optimized over 125 collections and product pages with on-page SEO techniques.
  • Achieved a 113% increase in impressions, from 58K to 125K, since starting.


What Are You Looking For in Your Next Role?


Professional Growth and a Positive Work Culture 

I’m actively seeking a seo specialist or digital marketing role with a culture of positivity, open communication, shared learning, and collective problem-solving. This is crucial for me to thrive and continuously develop my skills.

I have single-handedly driven organic growth for businesses of all sizes, but I value working alongside passionate and experienced individuals who share a commitment to continuous learning and innovation in the dynamic field of SEO.

Beyond having an amazing culture, I’m eager to find a position that utilizes the full breadth of my SEO techniques with my skills in content strategy, on page, off page, technical, AI, internal linking, and being a data detective.

Ideally, my next role will allow me to contribute to a passionate, innovative team environment where I can collaborate with colleagues, share knowledge, and learn from others.

I’m confident that my multifaceted SEO specialist skill set, collaborative spirit, passion for SEO, and being a lifelong learner would make me a valuable asset to your team.


Anything Else?

I’m a sports fanatic, love the mountains and the ocean, could drink exotic teas all day and have a burning passion for SEO.

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