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October 30, 2023
3-5 yrs
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At Stewart Law Group, we value the importance of being discoverable in the vast digital landscape. We’re on the hunt for a dynamic SEO Specialist with a knack for optimizing websites and a passion for driving organic traffic. If you’re someone who thrives on staying ahead of SEO trends, strategizing to achieve maximum ROI, and relishing in the value of meaningful metrics, then we want to hear from you!

Key Responsibilities:

  • Deep Analysis: Regularly review and analyze websites, identifying areas for optimization.
  • Rankings & Reports: Keep track of local rankings, analyze competitors, and provide actionable insights.
  • Strategic Development: Craft effective local search strategies and oversee local citation listings and onsite best practices.
  • Keyword Genius: Discover powerful keywords that can drive valuable traffic.
  • Content Collaboration: Work hand-in-hand with our content team to create SEO-optimized content.
  • Guideline Guru: Always stay updated with SEO strategies, ensuring we remain within Google SEO guidelines, especially those impacting consumer law firms.
  • Ownership & Advocacy: Take full ownership of your role and serve as a champion for SEO within the firm.
  • Risks & Documentation: Flag potential risks to leadership and be adept in creating documentation from briefs to requirements.
  • Process Enhancement: Embrace a continuous improvement mindset, and don’t be afraid to learn from failures.
  • Technical Savvy: Execute technical SEO audits, build high-quality backlinks, and ensure our websites rank high for strategic search terms.

Skills & Experience Required:

  • Seasoned Expert: 3+ years in SEO, preferably in a consulting/digital agency. Local SEO expertise is a big plus.
  • Analytic Ace: Familiar with tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, BrightEdge, SemRush, Ahrefs, etc.
  • Digital Dynamo: Comprehensive knowledge about digital strategy, UX, content, web development, and QA.
  • Track Record: Proven ability to boost traffic and enhance brand/site visibility for important keywords.
  • Tech Proficient: Experience with site migrations, CMS, and intricate site structure development.
  • Agile Advocate: Competency in Agile project management methodologies.
  • Organized & Articulate: Excellent organizational, communication, and time management skills.
  • Tool Mastery: Proficiency in Google Analytics 4, Google Trends, and other relevant SEO platforms.
  • Team Player: Ability to function independently and collaboratively.
  • Detail-Oriented: Keen attention to detail.
  • WordPress Wizard: Experience with WordPress is a must.

Our Culture & Values:

At Stewart Law Group, we are more than just legal practitioners; we’re a cohesive family bound by shared purpose and values. Our culture is deeply rooted in seven unwavering principles:

  1. Integrity Above All: Our commitment is uncompromising. We never lie or mislead. Every piece of advice, every decision is rooted in a genuine dedication to always do what’s right.
  2. Extreme Ownership: We stand resolutely by our decisions, embracing complete responsibility for our actions and the results they bring, reflective of our dedication to our clients’ best interests.
  3. Total Transparency: In every endeavor, we ensure clarity and openness, maintaining an open-door approach both internally and with our clients.
  4. Empathy in Communication: We prioritize understanding. Before forming conclusions or deciding on a course of action, we take the time to listen, ensuring we fully grasp the perspectives and concerns of our clients and colleagues.
  5. Honesty Over Gentleness: We value forthrightness, recognizing that genuine honesty, even when tough, is foundational to trust. Our commitment is always to be true, even when the truth might be challenging to convey.
  6. Cultivating Positivity: Amid challenges, our spirit remains undeterred and positive. This mindset doesn’t just create a nurturing work environment; it also ensures we always bring optimistic, forward-thinking solutions to our clients.
  7. Commitment to Growth: The philosophy of Kaizen, or continuous improvement, drives us. Every day offers an opportunity to better our services, our approaches, and ourselves, ensuring our growth parallels that of our clients.

Beyond these core values, our firm is built on a foundational philosophy: Unity in Core, Liberty in Diversity. While we stand united in our core values, we celebrate and encourage diverse thoughts and approaches in non-core areas. This freedom empowers growth, innovation, and a dynamic firm culture. In all interactions, the guiding light remains the grace and respect we each desire.  Together, these values and philosophies not only guide us but ensure we provide a holistic, value-driven experience for all who entrust their needs to us.

Dive into a role where your insights and strategies will play a pivotal role in steering Stewart Law Group towards unparalleled digital visibility. If you have the skill, the will, and the passion for SEO, apply today and let’s optimize the future together!

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