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Full Time
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September 9, 2023
3-5 yrs
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Thrive is a personalized nutrition counseling platform dedicated to helping people flourish.
Being healthy in the US is challenging given the lack of access to high-quality, healthy food as well as the misinformation that persists around what is good for someone and for their body.
Not only is 80% of our food supply processed but we’ve also been bombarded with marketing dollars to believe diets are the only way out. In short, the deck has been stacked against most Americans when it comes to living a healthy life.
That’s where Thrive comes in. We believe in enabling access to high-quality, personalized, nutrition expertise. We partner with world-class registered dietitians to support our clients in making sustainable life changes, developing strong nutritional habits, and helping them take control of their own health.

Position Description

As one of Thrive’s first hires, the SEO Lead will drive all of our organic search engine optimization efforts. They will report directly to the CEO to collaborate on strategy and lead the charge to drive customer acquisition and revenue growth.
The SEO Manager will drive keyword research, develop and implement effective SEO strategies, analyze website performance, and collaborate with the product, design, and engineering teams to optimize site architecture, content, and user experience.
The ideal candidate must be able to think outside the box and work closely with the CEO to brainstorm and execute key SEO initiatives. They must have the intellectual prowess to learn from the best and possess a good understanding of SEO best practices, website analytics, and the effect of changes in search algorithms on website ranking.
In alignment with our profitability focus, the SEO Manager will be responsible for monitoring and improving organic search rankings and user engagement. They’ll contribute to high-quality user acquisition at a cost-effective rate while maximizing lifetime value and revenue growth.

What You’ll Do

    • Develop and execute comprehensive SEO strategies: As our SEO Manager, you will lead the creation and implementation of SEO strategies that drive organic leads and conversions. A key aspect of your role will be understanding and leveraging programmatic SEO to scale and automate our efforts. Your core responsibilities will be generating high-quality organic traffic, improving keyword rankings for money terms, and continuous on-page optimization for search success. Cross-functional collaboration with product, design, and engineering teams will be critical to optimize the website experience.
    • Manage the full content cycle: You will oversee the entire content cycle, from ideation, keyword research, and content planning to coordinating with the content team and editors for content creation, and finally, publishing. In this role, we’re looking for someone with experience in overseeing a substantial content volume and upholding rigorous content quality standards. Part of your role will also involve devising robust systems and methodologies to streamline this content management. Your creative and analytical skills will ensure our content is optimized for SEO and resonates with our users.
    • Implement SEO initiatives: You’ll be responsible for the tactical execution of SEO initiatives including technical audits, keyword research, content gap analysis, on-page optimization, content wireframing, and the development of a local SEO strategy to enhance our regional online presence
    • Track, analyze, and report: You’ll own the SEO program’s reporting, tracking key metrics like organic traffic, keyword rankings, and conversion rates. You will also use tools like Google Analytics, Excel, or Tableau to create and present clear, concise reports to the leadership team.
    • Educate and advocate for SEO best practices: You’ll be a trusted advisor and point of contact for all SEO-related questions and initiatives within the company. This will involve educating and collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to evangelize SEO best practices.
    • Stay up-to-date with SEO trends: You’ll keep an eye on the latest trends in SEO, including AI, strategies, and algorithm changes. You will be expected to communicate these findings to stakeholders and incorporate relevant trends into our SEO strategies to ensure we remain competitive.

Who You Are

    • You display extreme ownership over your goals and areas of responsibility
    • You display a strong ability to learn quickly and execute quickly.
    • You display relentless resourcefulness and do not get blocked easily.
    • You proactively seek advice on how to improve yourself and your function by 10x.
    • You are a strong communicator.
    • You are kind and seek to be helpful, collaborative, and a team player.
    • You display strong attention to detail.
    • You are early-traction focused and display a strong commercial mindset.
    • You display a strong ability to handle ambiguity by understanding Type I vs Type II decisions and having a bias for action.
    • You self-report progress in the form of progress/challenges/learning/next steps on at least a weekly basis and don’t require excessive hand-holding.
    • You display a strong ability to do a lot with a little.
    • You display strong analytical skills and leverage data over intuition.
    • You proactively seek to improve your impact by leveraging tools such as AI.
    • You are extremely receptive.
    • You make complicated things simple.

What You’ll Bring

    • Proven track record driving organic growth: You have a proven track record of driving meaningful organic growth and revenue. We want 3-5 years of hands-on SEO experience and at least 1 year in a startup environment, emphasizing tangible results over vanity metrics.
    • Deep understanding of SEO and organic growth mechanisms: You have deep experience across all areas of SEO with a strong emphasis on content marketing. Additionally, you comprehensively grasp the underlying mechanisms that drive organic growth and revenue.
    • CRO Expertise: As a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) expert, you have a successful history of A/B testing, funnel optimization, and driving search success. Your ability to analyze user behavior, implement effective changes, and drive conversions and on-page engagement has consistently led to growth.
    • Content Creation Excellence: Your track record in creating high-quality, engaging content speaks for itself. You understand the power of content in SEO and have leveraged it to drive growth through compelling storytelling, strategic keyword usage, and alignment with audience needs and interests.
    • Strong Project Management and Operational Expertise: You are a seasoned project manager with solid operational know-how. Your leadership skills enable you to guide teams in scaling SEO strategies, including link building, content creation, and more. Your ability to manage timelines, coordinate cross-functional teams, and ensure alignment with business goals sets you apart.
    • Aesthetic Sensibility and Design Acumen: Your eye for design is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating visually appealing and user-friendly experiences that enhance SEO. Your ability to collaborate with designers, provide constructive feedback, and ensure that visual elements align with SEO goals adds a unique dimension to your profile.
    • Strong analytical skills and comfort working with data: You need to be adept at using Google Analytics and Google Sheets to analyze SEO data, inform your strategies, and evaluate their effectiveness.
    • Excellent communication and collaboration skills: As our SEO Manager, you’ll work with cross-functional teams, including content, design, and engineering. Therefore, you should be able to communicate complex SEO ideas clearly and work collaboratively to achieve our SEO goals.
    • Stay at the bleeding edge of your field: SEO is a rapidly evolving field. You should be passionate about staying on top of changes, comfortable with uncertainty, and able to adapt quickly to new challenges in our fast-paced startup environment.
    • Familiarity with other growth channels is a plus: Although our focus is driving organic conversion growth, having experience with paid media, partnerships, and lifecycle channels is preferred.
Our compensation packages are designed to make this your dream job for the short and long term. The compensation package includes a base salary and a  strong equity package.  Benefits include an unlimited time off policy with a two-week minimum.
Location and Time Commitment
We are fully remote – you can work wherever you’re most productive. This role is full-time and will need to overlap with US EST for the majority of the workday. There will likely be occasional travel for in-person strategy sessions with the leadership team and other key stakeholders.

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