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Job Type
Full Time
$2,000 to $4,000 p/mth
Date Posted
August 1, 2022
1-3 yrs
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We are looking for a seriously talented content writer and editor specializing in the SEO and the inbound marketing niche.

In the role, you will be accountable for leading, managing, and growing SEO Sherpa’s popular search engine optimization blog.

Your primary work will encompass researching, strategizing, writing, and editing best-in-market content on various SEO and inbound marketing topics. In addition to your blog writing, you will oversee contributions from our team of in-house SEO experts – that include some of the brightest minds in search.

Your writing will be mostly premium long-form blog content, such as ultimate guides, how-to, and list posts. Each post will be different, although our usual sweet spot is 3,000-5,000 words, and some up to 10,000 words in length.

Your secondary responsibility will be promoting the blog and brand through various content-marketing channels, including guest posts, splintered articles, and preparing the SEO Sherpa newsletter sent to 36,000+ marketers.

You’ll work alongside other brand team members, including a social media content creator, graphic designer, illustrator, videographer, and outreach specialist.

If you’re an exceptional SEO and writer (or on your way to becoming one), we encourage you to apply.


We are looking for an expert writer who can apply his/her SEO knowledge to grow our search engine optimization blog. You will require a reliable high-speed internet connection and a modern computer or laptop.

A proven track record of high-quality writing in the SEO or inbound marketing niche is essential – and a fun-going attitude is a must.

If you answer “YES” to all of these, this role will be a good match:

> You’re an expert in the field of SEO and inbound marketing. You know search engine optimization like the back of your hand and are always up to with the latest developments and trends.

> You consistently deliver excellent content – no brief needed. You are an adept researcher who works with initiative and self-directs with ease. Your content is engaging and fun.
You are a strong and independent contributor who works well alone but also collaborates effectively with a broader team of contributors. Your A+ time management skills ensure you hit deadlines with aplomb.

> You have exceptionally high standards. You are always raising the bar because in your world great just isn’t good enough.

> You eat, sleep, and breathe all things content marketing and SEO. Your love of the craft has you seeking a long-term career in an exciting environment where your work will have an impact (that’s here, by the way!).

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