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September 25, 2022

This Content Marketing Specialist position will be responsible for creating brand-led and engaging pieces of SEO content for Uscreen’s audience as part of the Content Marketing Team. Our goal is to drive brand awareness, thought leadership, lead capture and show creators there’s a world where they’re in control of their incomes.

Here are the responsibilities and duties of this role:

Ownership & Strategy

🎯Goal: Grow Uscreen’s brand awareness through thought leadership driven SEO-content

  • Use keywords to inform high-impact thought leadership blog content
  • Create and edit your content in-line with Uscreen’s brand voice
  • Be willing to take risks and share strong opinions about the Creator Economy

🎯Goal: Align Uscreen’s Content Marketing efforts with insights from Product and Customer Marketing

  • Seek insights from Product and Customer Marketing to inform your content
  • Develop strong arguments that align with our value propositions
  • Strive to understand Uscreen’s customer and create useful content that resonates

🎯Goal: Work closely with the Search and Lifecycle teams to create opportunities for lead generation from organic traffic

  • Understand lifecycle marketing and Uscreen’s different content funnel stages
  • Contribute content ideas that will drive conversions across all of our channels
  • This might include (but isn’t limited to)
  • Lead magnets
  • Email courses and modules
  • Checklists
  • eBooks
  • Customer case studies
  • Research the wants and needs of our target audience to find content opportunities

Content Creation

At the core of the Content Marketing Specialist role is content creation.

You’ll have a penchant for writing, crafting narratives, telling customer stories, and connecting with people on an emotional level. This could be through crisp clean content writing, engaging webinars, must-have lead magnets, and knock-the-reader’s-socks-off course modules.

Anything to help people find their way through the creator economy, and position Uscreen as a knowledgeable, stable, and trustworthy brand in an often murky and turbulent industry.The role will involve working with other members of your team, as well as cross-functionally with other marketing teams, to create best-in-class content.

Here are the expectations surrounding content creation:

  • Contribute content and strategy ideas that will help us hit the outlined goals
  • Create and edit emotionally-driven content that connect with our target audience
  • Remain consistent with our brand voice guidelines
  • Adapt your written skills to different channels, mediums, and deliverables
  • Work to deadlines and deliver content on time
  • Implement feedback from collaborators and subject-matter experts
  • Stay on-the-pulse of what’s happening in the ‘Creator Economy’ and video industry


Possible KPIs the Content Marketing Specialist can strive for:

  • Leads
  • MQLs
  • Content contributions (variable by content type)
  • Deadlines met (or communicated to manager)
  • Quality improvements

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