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Red Stag Fulfillment

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June 13, 2024

Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, Red Stag is a logistics and fulfillment company (3PL) founded by two ecommerce operators with a single mission: to help clients grow their businesses by flipping the 3PL experience on its head.

Through a people-first approach, a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, and a commitment to building long-term relationships, we have quickly established ourselves as a world-class fulfillment and logistics company. That’s not hyperbole. We really are different.

We also understand that our team is our most important asset. We have grown into one of America’s best order fulfillment companies by building a team of dedicated experts linked by our desire to build something special. Our core values help keep us on track, and we really do use them to guide all our decision-making:


  • We act like we own it.
    We put ourselves in clients’ shoes and do what they would consider “right,” not just whatever is quick or easy.
  • We sweat the small stuff.
    Details matter and can often be the difference between a happy client and a disappointed one.
  • We have positive attitudes.
    Working hard doesn’t have to suck. We stay positive to keep our spirits up and make sure we’re always giving our best effort.
  • We treat everyone with dignity and respect.
    Everyone is important and deserves to be treated that way. Period.
  • We always seek to improve.
    Perfection is the goal. No matter what we’re working on, we know there’s always a way to do it better.

About You

You’re the one we’re looking for if…

  • First and foremost, you’re all about execution. You. Get. Stuff. Done.
  • You’ve learned from experience what good leadership looks like. You know how to manage freelancers, hit deadlines, and crank out great content at scale.
  • You’re a top-notch writer and have a strong sense of how to edit in a way that empowers writers and helps them improve over time. And you never sacrifice standards. From smooth, flowing content to punchy headlines that smack readers in the face, you won’t settle for subpar. You probably even have some thoughts on how to improve this job description.
  • You’re hyper-organized and enjoy the complexity of managing multiple projects at once, while also partnering with internal and external SMEs, collaborating with team members, and making sure all milestones and deadlines are hit.
  • You are a project management expert, with solid experience using Asana or other similar tools. You can whip our processes into shape in short order and have the knowhow to implement lots of efficiency and automation.
  • You know what good on-page SEO looks like without us telling you. You can publish high-ranking content without sacrificing our commitment to the readers, and you have experience working with SurferSEO, Clearscope (or similar), or if not, explain your process for writing with SEO in mind.
  • You want to be part of a small but mighty, professional marketing team that is obsessive about results and impact, not bureaucracy or politics. Period.
  • You can tell us about times when you’ve successfully led relationships with third-party service providers or freelancers to help create content.
  • You’re a student of content marketing. You’re part of online communities, subscribe to newsletters, and brainstorm with your peers. You know what’s working, but also have your own opinions and experience to guide you—following best practices can lead to sameness.
  • You’ve experimented with generative AI content creation and have thoughts but not all the answers. You’re open to experimenting with it and working hard to find a way to successfully use it in fast-moving processes.
  • You’re eager to roll up your sleeves, get up to speed quickly, and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Because you’re independently motivated and don’t need someone directing your day-to-day activities, telling you exactly what to do.
  • You demand excellence from yourself and others because you believe a job isn’t done until it’s done right.
  • While ecommerce experience is not required, it’s important that you at least have a deep interest in the industry. This job requires lots of line editing, spending your days submerged in topics like the history of Amazon Seller fees or the cost to operationalize a warehouse. If you aren’t genuinely interested, you’ll burn out quickly.


If you can say yes to all of that, this might be the role for you.


There are tons of great writers out there. Lots of great editors and marketing leaders, too. Occasionally, you might meet someone who can do all three. Even rarer is the person who is also an organized, hard-driving project manager.

That’s the person we’re looking for.

Is it you? Maybe. Let’s find out.

Is this post worth your time to read?

Above all else, we need someone who believes content should serve its audience, and that a solid distribution strategy is a great way to do that. If you feel otherwise, there’s no point in reading any further.

But if you’re 100% on board with that, read through the list below and see how many of the statements you agree with.

  • You want to finally feel legit, long-term “content buy-in” from executives.
  • You aren’t scared to roll up your sleeves to write and edit…a lot.
  • You love working on a small, but high-powered marketing team.
  • You don’t just follow processes. You build and refine them, and hold others accountable, with a smile.
  • You believe in the power of strong SEO and distribution.
  • You want to enforce our voice and brand guidelines in a scalable manner across a variety of content producers, in-house and outsourced.
  • You like to move quickly, with lots of experimentation.


If you can quickly say yes to all of those (and mean it), please keep reading.

Who are we?

We’re Red Stag Fulfillment. For over a decade, we’ve been helping ecommerce brands with their order fulfillment and supply chain logistics. Since we were founded by ecommerce entrepreneurs, we take our responsibility to our audience very seriously. We care. A lot.

Historically, our marketing was built on the power of SEO. While we’re definitely still committed to it (expanding that foundation is a big focus for our marketing team), we’re also branching out to other forms of content. And we need help managing it all.

Who do we want?

We need someone to live in the trenches of day-to-day content creation. Your job is to oversee the execution of all content across various formats and channels, starting with SEO blog posts and expanding into thought leadership articles, podcasts, videos, social media, sales tools, and anything else that comes up.

Job number one will be working with our Head of SEO to scale our SEO content engine using freelance writers, writing services, AI, and a team of monkeys with typewriters and SEO microchips implanted in their brains (just making sure you’re paying attention). We’ve already made big strides, but you’d be responsible for maintaining, expanding, and accelerating the process.

Reporting to the Director of Content Marketing, you would oversee a small team of freelancers and serve as their primary point of contact. You’d also be responsible for managing the processes for our AI efforts.

You need to be a strong project manager with expert knowledge of project management tools, like Asana (or similar), and an unwavering commitment to hitting all deadlines, no matter what. You’ll do a little writing and lots of editing, but your biggest task is to keep our content machine humming.

Warning: This job also involves cat-herding. Content is a team sport, and it’s up to you to keep everyone on track, including outside collaborators and subject matter experts who don’t report to you.

We’re looking for someone who can bring effective recommendations to the table for improving our processes and making our efforts as efficient as possible.

What’s in it for you?

Applying for jobs is an investment of your time. It’s only right that we shed some light on what you could expect if you step into this role. Take a look at the lists below and decide if what we offer lines up with what you’re looking for.

A solid compensation package:

  • The salary range starts at $80,000.
  • A strong benefits program, including health, dental, vision, and 401k
  • Work in-person from our HQ in Knoxville TN, or remotely from AZ, CO, FL, GA, IL, NC, NJ, OH, PA, TX, or UT* with occasional travel to HQ.

* It’s not you, it’s us … we need to hire this role in a state where we have an existing nexus

A strong starting point:

  • a DR 77 site to jumpstart the content you help create
  • a Head of SEO to team up with and expand your impact
  • an in-house UX/UI designer to give your content more power

A content-focused organization

  • One of our co-founders shaped the mentality, mindset, and strategy that created Red Stag’s SEO foundation.
  • Our CMO comes from content and SEO.
  • The Director of Content Marketing is a staunch audience defender.

An interesting and complicated industry

  • Tough topics to help our audience wrestle with
  • Small business owners counting on us for info and advice
  • A rich community of influencers and commentators

A great team to grow with

  • We like to experiment and learn from each other.
  • We’re focused and competitive but also pretty chill with a sense of humor.
  • We have strong collaboration and cooperation.

To sum it all up in one sentence: We’re going to build the most kick-ass, audience-loving, helluva-good-time content program our industry has ever seen.

A word of caution

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. There is a lot of work to do, and this job won’t be a walk in the park. While we have the right stuff in place to serve as a launching pad for great content marketing, it’s on you to build the train tracks and keep the trains of our content operation running so we can achieve our ambitious goals.

Also, our current content is not a good representation of what we need to build. It’s served a purpose historically (SEO), but it’s simply not good enough for 2024 and beyond. We must operate with intent to bring all of our existing content up to the new standards while also creating new content that spotlights our brand as the industry’s undisputed content and education leader.

That’s going to take a lot of work and a commitment to getting things done, even outside of “normal” working hours. If you’re looking for the kind of job where you can clock-in/clock-out and never think about work in between, this probably isn’t for you.


Responsibilities and expected outcomes

  • Oversee all content production, making sure deadlines are hit and quality standards are met.
  • Manage projects in Asana, keeping everything organized and up to date while keeping a sharp eye for process improvement opportunities (including automation).
  • Manage freelancers, facilitate their work, keep them on deadlines, and be their primary point of contact.
  • Communicate with stakeholders across (and beyond) our other departments to gather info, insights, and approvals from SMEs as needed.
  • Strictly enforce our brand guidelines while being flexible enough to recognize when they need to change.
  • Embody our culture of humility, respect, and being great at what we do.

How to apply

To set expectations—we take our hiring process very seriously. On this page, you’ll submit a short application and upload your resume. Our recruiting team will review it, and if you look like a good fit, they’ll invite you to fill out a short logic and reasoning test. Candidates who meet a certain score on the logic and reasoning test will receive a questionnaire (we think you’ll find filling it out is fun).. Budget 20 minutes for the test and 30-45 minutes for the questionnaire. We’ll review those responses and invite some applicants to interview with the team.

Good luck and thanks for reading. And always let your inner word-nerd meets project management aficionado shine.

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